Additional touches


Touch up existing code to improve functionality


  • Created MathHelper functions for
    • Angle between two points, given that positive y is North
      • Mils
      • Degrees
      • Radians
      • The above function can be called with an angle type or the use the default angle type (which can be statically set)
    • Difference between two angles
  • Added additional CostField functionality
    • Pure nodal distance stored as well as cost
    • Get method will return the total ‘in world’ distance (ie. converts nodal distance to terrain distance using sample spacing
  • Added detail to plan toString output
    • Angle of assault and SBF bearing
    • Relative angle of assault and SBF bearing
    • Real world path distance from current location to FUP and SBF locations
    • Assault distance and SBF range


The implementation of all of the above was relatively straight forward and was an easy way to develop a bit more useful functionality for the planning stage (discriminators such as relative angle etc).

The temporary unity planner to test the current setup is also informing the future design of a Planner class and how it will construct plans etc. An example of the current plan output is:

3D isometric view of visualised plan and routes with a text based expression of the plan overlayed at the top of the screen
Visual output with the plan in text form at the top

Plan: FUP Loc (730,757). SBF : (365,322). Path to FUP is 733 nodes long and path to SBF is 412 nodes long.
Axis of assault is 4828.685 mils. SBF bearing is 5969.19 mils.
Axis of assault is at 1140.505 mils to the SBF bearing
Route to FUP is 89.29433m and route to SBF is 71.39199m.
Assault distance is 78.98331m. SBF range is 68.7467m.



2 hours (64 hours running total)


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