A success!


Continue development of 3D viewshed implementation.


  • Development and implementation of viewshed algorithm for NE quadrant
  • A lot of bug hunting


Fully functional 3D viewshed creation for North East quadrant from viewer location.

3D isometric view of implemented viewshed being visualised on terrain, showing positions in and out of line of sight from a moving viewer position
Functioning NE quadrant of 3D viewshed


4 hours (45 hours running total)


The previous day’s work has paid off; while the algorithm implementation is still far from ideal, it is functional, fast enough and accurate enough for the requirements of this problem.

It is a good morale boost to get working and the extension to the remaining quadrants should be relatively straight forward as it is largely changing signs and reversing some calculations.

There is no doubt a more elegant way of doing this than hardcoding separate methods for each quadrant however it IS a way I can get it working well and once it is done I can move on to implementing the pathfinding, then (finally) getting in to the development of the actual planning!


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